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Welcome to SAPEM 2008

SAPEM 2008 is over (since long). We invite you to join us during next edition of the Symposium on the Acoustics of Poro-Elastic Materials which will be held from December, 14th to December 16th 2011 in Ferrara (Italy). Check

Objectives of the 2008 edition

Recent advances in computer power, numerical algorithms and signal processing techniques have allowed a number of advanced theoretical and numerical methods for acoustic porous media modelling and characterization to be developed. A majority of this research is for noise control applications or to predict sound propagation in highly heterogeneous porous materials and composite. As a result, this work has not been communicated sufficiently to researchers working in adjacent disciplines outside noise control. These disciplines include polymer extrusion, pharmaceutical and food industries, medical research, soils and underwater sediment characterisation.

This 2008 session aimed:

  1. to present the most up-to-date developments in modelling, characterisation and applications of acoustic porous media,
  2. to communicate the advances in acoustics of porous media research to adjacent disciplines concerned with material technology,
  3. to discuss future challenges for this area of research.

Scientific programme

The 6 Non-parallel sessions of this 2008 edition were:

Scientific (and social) programme.
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University of Bradford (U.K.)
Prof. K. V. Horoshenkov, Prof. H. Benkreira

U. of Bradford

Open University (U.K.)
Prof. K. Attenborough

Open University

MATELYS - Acoustique & Vibrations (France)
Dr. F.-X. Bécot, Dr. L. Jaouen


ENTPE, Université de Lyon (France)
Dr. E. Gourdon